May 6, 2015

Jobseekers’ Services


With over 10 years experience in recruitment, BCS Recruitment know what employers want to see on a CV or Interview Process.

We can help jobseekers and provide advise on how to prepare themselves to get the dream job, whether it is their first job or after a dismissal. Planning and preparation are essential to conducting a successful job search.

BCS provides an expert CV writing service that you can trust. Our consultants are experienced professionals with strong links to the industry. We guide candidates for a CV optimization, Interview preparation or Coach - advise on their future career path.

Our Jobseeker Services is accessible for anyone looking for employment. Whether you’re newly-graduated, changing careers or coming back to work after a break, we can help.

Beat the job market crisis

More people than ever are going for the same job. As a result, your professional CV has to stand out straightaway. There are no second chances, so get a professional CV today. Our consultants work by carefully tailoring your CV to your chosen industry or profession, providing all the information recruiters need to recognise your true potential. Unlike other applicants who use the same CV to apply for a variety of roles, our approach helps you to appear more professional and dedicated, giving your CV a clear structure and focus.

We recognize that on a daily basis recruiters work through hundreds of CV’s, so we ensure your CV is easy to navigate, which helps leave a lasting impression.

When it comes to content we don’t waffle and only include the necessary information. This minimalistic approach has worked time and time again as it leaves employers wanting to learn more about you and encourages them to invite you for an interview.

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Jobseekers' Services


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