We are a dedicated Recruitment Consultancy, experts in Sales and Specialized Positions. We take great pride in matching recruiters and candidates to ensure long-term and successful placements.

Recruiting employees is often a lengthy, precarious, time consuming and expensive process. Now with ever increasing numbers of candidates applying for the same positions, the number of applications that employers receive can be overwhelming, especially for smaller employers, causing indecision and huge volumes of administrative work around screening, matching and processing applications.

BCS method is to focus on having knowledge of the preferences of our clients, culture of the company, skillset and salary requirements, in order to screen great candidates accordingly for competence and who will thrive in our clients’ environment. We understand that each client is unique and that is why we provide strong working relationships, based on an honest and hard working approach.

BCS takes care of all of the entire cycle of the recruitment process:
  • Candidates attraction
  • Screening and pre-interviewing
  • Interview face-to-face
  • Specific testing
  • Reference checking
  • Offer acceptance process

BCS benefits your business by providing:

  • One to one consultation with our consultants and trainers
  • Expert consultants with extensive networks and knowledge
  • A short list of candidates that best suit your requirements using our own screening process
  • Access to 100s of trained candidates
  • Free candidate assessment
  • Competitive charge rates

What is the end result?

  • Positions are filled quickly with the right staff
  • You hire employees who possess the traits of an exceptional performer
  • You receive an effective, outsourced staffing solution

What is the payoff?

The cost of a vacant position or the wrong hire is substantial. You can easily compare the value of your top performers in relation to poorer performers to see how quickly an investment in a superior recruiting method can reap rewards.

We offer exceptional recruitment services that save you money and improve the productivity of your business.

Contact us at info@bcsrecruitment.com for more information.